Blue Template for Joomla 1.7

Compatibility #6

Freshock is a great template for Joomla 1.7, which you can download for free from our site. It has a nice combination of black and blue colors. There is an integrated slideshow as well.
Live demo

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  1. WoodyF4u says:

    I’m using this template. It is realy good.
    But in the Mainmenu at the position ‘Menuload’, I will use a menu-item as ‘text-separator’.
    In that style the lay-out is not the same as in other styles for the menus.
    Is it possible to style the menu-item in de styles.css as text-separator the same?

  2. WoodyF4u says:

    Here’s the solution.
    Use External URL in stead of Text-separaor.
    And set a # in the link-field.
    That wil use the css.

  3. dgrossu says:


    How do I remove the Freshock from the title bar?
    Also, I tried to add slides and it did not work.
    Thank you

  4. nevland says:

    i use this template, why my site only got 2 column, instead of 3 column? the right module not appear

  5. gah446 says:

    I really like this template. Can you tell me how to update the year (2011) in the lower left footer?

  6. Tahsin says:

    There is an integrated slideshow as well. but how can i get it in each page?

  7. reisrui says:

    Hello there,
    Is it possible to customize the folder where the slideshow reads the images? Wanted to use under \root\images folder and not from the \templatename folder.

  8. CoolCat1 says:

    I am also at a loss at how to load my photos to the slideshow. Have tried entering URLs in the Template Manager but to no avail. At this point considering using a different extension to have a slideshow facility that works. I note that there has not been a response to this issue despite it being raised back on January 17. Is anybody there?

  9. vex says:

    Thank you for this lovely, great template!

    If you want to change the path to the slideshow’s images, just go to “Template manager”, then click “Edit main page template”, find the text “” and below it change “/templates/template ?>/slideshow/1.jpg” to what ever you want, example “/root/images/slide1.jpg” and so on.

  10. vex says:

    … find the text “– Slideshow –” (this is hidden in my comment above).

  11. Maria says:

    Thank you for the template. I have a few questions though.
    I also have an issue with the slideshow. The thing is I wanted to add more slides in it but I haven’t found any option that would allow me to do that. So I had to use a different module. And in order to display it on the front page in the body I set it to breadcrumbs position, but now it’s breaking my layout because it moves down the modules on each side of it. Please help.
    I noticed that there was no reply to the previous comments for over a month. I’d appreciate if you could answer soon. Thanks.

  12. Separator is not work,with external link is not bad

  13. tina says:

    Hi, i want to add more photos on slideshow. I’ve added more in the main page template but i dont see any more description fields in the template. I’ ve got already 9 slides and i want to add 2 more. Thanks