Joomla 2.5 Business Template

Compatibility #24

An elegant business template is very important, if you want to look professional to your customers. But why pay $60+ for a template? We create these nice joomla templates for free and you can have a fresh design for your website. Download it now!
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  1. aa says:

    Copy failed
    JInstaller: :Install: Failed to copy file /home/aapublic_html/aa/tmp/JustBusiness-FJT/index.php to /home/aa/public_html/aa/templates/justbusiness-fjt/index.php

  2. d_proudfoot says:

    How do you get the tabs to work and show up. I have set within the template for them to show, but nothing show up. Does something need to be enabled elsewhere?

  3. az says:

    you dont update your website regularly. It too bad

  4. hermawan says:

    Hi nice templates!

    But the silder doesnt work. I use joomla 1.7, what’s wrong?

  5. James says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for the cool webtemplate. I really liked this one.

  6. Experto seo says:

    Nice, template.
    I like it!

  7. Easy says:

    After installing and configuring the module positions, I see that the images are not able to be displayed and says “please add your own images in template folder> slideshow folder” I have looked many times and can’t locate where it is… please help…

    Thank you in advance!

  8. Easy says:

    Please disregard…

    Great template, Thanks!

  9. Baajun says:

    i would like to get more templates for joomla 2.5

  10. Baajun says:

    will it work in joomla 2.5.3??
    coz am working with joomla 2.5.3 and i tried to install this template but it is not seen there,,,what could be the solution for this??

  11. karayollari says:

    thank you. i using.

  12. Bart says:


    thx for the template but i have a problem with it. the slideshow only appears on the home page. if i ad pages the slider show wont apear on them. can some body help me out with it?

  13. digitalist says:

    Thanks!! Nice one!! Keep up the good work

  14. ivogot says:

    Hello I have the same problem as Bart.Is it possible slideshow apear on every page of website?

  15. zezim30 says:

    Bart, I have the same problem!!

    Anyone knows why the slideshow apear in all pages?

    Thank you in advance

  16. jkaka says:

    hello have failed to make the slideshow work how can i do that and how to set the modules to their position and have the menuload at the top. thanks

  17. anoopk says:

    Error with this template:
    Hey. I get error:
    Notice: Undefined property: ContentViewFeatured::$print in
    on line 67

    Is show ups above featured article at my frontpage.

  18. mrojorod says:

    I want slideshow to appear not only on the home page. I want it to be show in all of them. How can I force this?

  19. Nelson says:

    will it work in joomla 2.5.3??
    coz am working with joomla 2.5.3 and i tried to install this template but it is not seen there,,,what could be the solution for this??

  20. Mike says:


    Thank you for the template! As with Bart, I would also like to know how to add the slider to multiple pages and with different images. If anyone can help, please post here! I thought of copying the html code of the slider on the home page and editing it, but not sure where to post it to….

    Otherwise template is great!!!

  21. kim says:

    same problem as bart, if i add some article the slider wont show.. can anybody help me….?

  22. Penko Penev says:

    Contacts not showing when using slider display format

  23. Michal says:

    Is possible to add more 4 pictures?

  24. junsve says:

    None of those templates display com_contact properly and they don’t know how to fix it. Useless without any support.

  25. Rada says:

    Why when i installed and used it!! it don’t show me the menu!!! anyone can help

  26. Jerome says:

    Hi, I have a problem with this template and Internet Explorer ( whatever the release.
    The menu is shrinked and the items are not displayed and of course are not accessible.
    Everything is OK with FireFox.
    Does someone has the same problem with this template ?
    If someone could help me …

    Thanks by adance,



  27. Manfred says:

    Problem with Pagination (articles manager
    gives this error

    any solution to this?
    I turned off pagination and the error disappears but so the the rest of the articles which i then cannot see anymore

    • FJT says:

      Does it fix the problem if you simply remove the pagination file? Then it will look at the default pagination file from joomla. Try it.

  28. edson says:

    just a quick one how do you change the font family for the articles

  29. Mario says:

    I can not include the slide on all other pages, how to do?

  30. joni says:

    How to add suffix to this modules? Like on live demo page..

  31. nadjia says:

    I need to remouve the copyright, I can paye so plz help me sopport

  32. Brains says:

    How do you remove the description text on the slideshow for pix you do not want to have a caption for?

  33. lois says:

    hey, how to configure the tab to show ? my tab is not work