Joomla 2.5 template with Slideshow

Compatibility #26

Free joomla template for the versions 2.5 and below. Get this professional web template without paying anything for it, make sure to check the guidelines video in the live demo for an easy setup.
Live demo

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  1. Alex Pattrikson says:

    Very cool collection! I recommend you to register to a free assets website and there you can upload your stuff and other people can find it easier.

  2. Miguel says:


    I love this template but I’ve got problems when using the read more tag in the articles; the background gets crazy!! :S

  3. Ronaldhoog says:


    Can anybody tell if it is possible to fill the “News-tab dynamic? Üsing a module (Flexi Custom Code) would be great but the tab-positions seems not to be applied?


  4. Paola says:

    I installed this template, and it is great! But when I try to create sub-menu items, it will NOT show the sub-items when I hover over the menu on the main page (it only shows each sub-item when you are on the specific page…) How can I solve this problem?

  5. KURYE says:

    güzel olmus hepsi elinize sa?l?k

  6. You have dine very good job.Congratulations

  7. ivan says:

    how to set slideshow to show on all pages
    now it is only on my home page

  8. paci1234 says:

    Yes, I am wondering too how to create this slideshow to be appearing on all of my pages!
    If anybody knows the secret please do reply!
    Thank you!

  9. paci1234 says:

    Guys, you can enable the slideshow on every page by deleting the following lines in the index.php file in the template:

    getActive() == $menu->getDefault($lang->getTag())) { ?>

    You have to leave the line which is marked here with ….

  10. concoders says:

    how to set slideshow to show on all pages
    now it is only on my home page – has there been an answer to this yet?

  11. Gab says:

    Activate the “show sub-items” in the module.

  12. Bakker says:

    How do i change the pictures? i’m a beginner…

  13. Catherine says:

    I’ve got the template working and it looks good. The problem I’m having is that the menu items don’t appear on the menu bar. No way to navigate the site. I’ve created categories, articles and menu items and linked everything appropriately but still nothing in the menu bar.


  14. Jeronimo says:

    Also suffering the fact that the slideshow only shows up in the Home page.

    It seems to be a hard problem to solve.

    I tried Paci’s solution:
    getActive() == $menu->getDefault($lang->getTag())) { ?>

    You have to leave the line which is marked here with ….

    …but it didn’t work. Any other solutions?

    • FJT says:

      hi. the template is coded that way: slideshow shows on homepage only or at all. You could disable it and install a new slideshow instead. Or simply use one of our newer templates because then you will have the option to show the slideshow on all pages.

  15. David says:

    I want to use this template in joomla 3.0