Kustrix Lite WordPress Theme

How many times when purchasing a ready-made theme you were dreaming about the freedom to use, tweak and redistribute it in a variety of ways, without any limitations? Now, all WordPress users have the full right to decide on how to work with a chosen product for free, without the need to pay for extra licenses.

The number of premium GPL WordPress themes is growing at a fast speed. In this blog post, we will not review any premium designs. A free GPL WordPress theme dubbed Kustrix is in the focus of our attention. So, please welcome a new freebie from TemplateMonster.


Kustrix Lite is an analog of a premium WordPress template baring a similar name. The theme looks similar to the premium equivalent.

The functionality of the freebie is somewhat different. However, it features everything that you need to get started with a fashion or beauty blog.
Let’s start our review with the design of the template. Kustrix Lite is built in a clean, minimalist style. The layout is developed with a smart use of whitespace, which helps you draw the users’ focus of attention to the content that you share. The theme’s header features a set of social sharing options, guiding the users to your official social media profiles with a click.

The main navigation panel is not sticky. Still, it features a drop-down functionality, which makes it easier to come across the necessary piece of content with a click. With the intention to captivate the audience with the most trending topics, the theme’s header is pre-loaded with a page-width slider. The element is fully editable. You can manage the images, texts, buttons, and animation in a variety of ways.

The theme features a two-column layout structure. Thus, you can share the latest blog updates and a set of additional navigation elements in a user-friendly manner. Each blog post includes a pack of social sharing icons on both the preview and article pages. The theme is integrated with a commenting system. Search bar, tags cloud, archives, categories drop-down menu, recent posts, latest comments, and a calendar widget remain accessible to the users in the right sidebar. A back-to-top button is also included.

This is how the theme is designed. To take a closer look at it and check out how the pages perform on your own, browse live demo.

Now, let’s take a look at the features pre-loaded into the template.

WordPress Live Customizer

This is the functionality that is added to both the free and premium GPL WordPress themes from TemplateMonster. This is a simple and intuitive customization tool that allows you to apply quick changes to the theme’s layout without touching a line of code. All modifications are displayed live, without waiting for the page reloads. Here are the elements that can be managed with the help of WordPress Live Customizer: theme color schemes, menus, sidebars, header and footer, blog, and general site settings.


Smart Slider

We have already spoken about this element in the beginning of the post. Now, let’s take a closer look at it.
One of the peculiarities of GPL WordPress templates is that they are not pre-loaded with images. So, you will need to upload your own visual content after the theme’s installation.


Smart Slider widget is added to both premium and free GPL WordPress themes from TemplateMonster. By default, the theme features a page-width slider orientation. However, you can change it for a different one via Appearance >> Widgets in the theme’s dashboard.

Custom Post Types & Google Fonts Integration

In addition to the possibility to create versatile pages by means of WordPress Live Customizer, you will have the freedom to create custom (new) post types. These are image/gallery/link/audio/video/quote/aside/status posts. Define their features, labels and other elements, and bring your posts live right away.
To create your publications more personalized, the theme is pre-loaded with a pack of Google web fonts. Font size, color, weight, and font family can be managed with a usable live customization tool.

Blog Layout Variations

Kustrix Lite gives you the freedom to choose from 3 blog layouts: blog layout with the right sidebar/left sidebar/without sidebars. On top of that, you will have the freedom to manage presentation of your blog posts with the help of a set of blog settings. These include the possibility to choose from page-width and small featured images, the possibility to enable/disable display of the post author/publish date/categories/tags/comments.

Widget Areas

You can find a number of flexible widgets in the theme’s settings. Go to WordPress Live Customizer, click Appearance >> Widgets, and you will be introduced to the entire selection of widgets that are pre-loaded into the them. Tag cloud, calendar, archives, Facebook Like Box, Twitter Feed, and other widgets can be accessed with a click.


It goes without saying than Kustrix Lite is a fully responsive WordPress theme. It is also optimized to run flawlessly across a variety of the popular web browsers. SEO-friendly, the theme is also retina ready. WPML support ensures that your blog or personal website will sound well in a number of languages.

With the purpose to enhance the visual presentation of your web resource, the template includes carousel sliders, audio and video support. The web audience will feel the ease of reaching you out online. A built-in contact form is added for the purpose. Newsletter subscription form is also included. Our Team, Portfolio, Services, Testimonials, and other custom WordPress post types are added. A section with user testimonials is also provided to grow the credibility of your online business.

As you can see, Kustrix Lite is pre-loaded with all elements needed to build a fully-featured fashion or beauty blog. You can also use it for any other business niche. A selection of modification options and WordPress Live Customizer will enhance and speed up the theme’s customization.

So, go ahead, download this GPL WordPress theme for free, and do not forget to share your reflections about it below this review 😉

5 Stylish Free Joomla Templates

Nowadays, the world belongs not to early risers, but to lazy men trying to find an easier way of living. Day by day people start developing new devices, helping them to be faster, stronger or wiser. The same picture we notice on the web market. Web designers and developers have created some great ways to represent your notable business presence online in the matter of hours. Thus, we’d like to encourage you to look through this amazing collection of 5 Stylish Free Joomla Templates and start building your effective way to the success.

In fact, Joomla is the second most popular and a well-known CMS platform used on the Internet after WordPress. Millions of users all over the world choose Joomla to create exactly what they need to meet their business requirements. It is a great choice if you need to build a new website or redesign your existing one. There is a big number of free Joomla templates to choose from. This is a mobile-ready and a user-friendly solution to build, organize, manage and publish content on your website.

It can be an ideal way to build web applications, which are easy to adapt and to extend. In other words, Joomla is a free and open-source key available to everyone. It fits to any business niche, be it a corporate website, online store, newspapers and magazines, non-profit organizations, school and church websites and family homepages, as well.

This amazing collection listed below boasts Joomla’s powerful application framework, which suits laterally unlimited directions. Frankly said, there is a rather big number of Joomla website templates on the Internet available. Sometimes it can take hours just to look them through and understand whether it suits you or not. That’s why today we suggest you to save your time and money and look through this batch of Joomla templates in order to find the one that suits you the best.

Any of these templates will help you to give your website bright and elegant look to make your visitors stay on your website and explore it further. They provide usability, regular updates, built-in SEO options and more advanced features. So, let’s look closer these Joomla templates with interactive galleries, mega menu, visual effects, sliders and other attractive and smart add-ons, which will help you to impress your visitors. For more details go here.

MyFamily Free Joomla Template
Family Center Free Joomla Template


Here there is a visually attractive free Joomla template suitable for any family-related organization. Its clean valid code, responsive layout, Bootstrap features, SEO-friendly options and cross-browser compatibility make this template a great solution to present your society, culture and family project in the better manner. Easy navigation and pleasant color scheme will engage and impress your visitors.

Ulmus Interior Free Joomla Template
Ulmus Interior Free Joomla Template


Modern and professionally developed Joomla template is perfect for creating websites for exterior and interior, furniture and architecture projects. Bootstrap functions, mobile-friendly options and cross-browser compatibility help to adapt this template to all screen resolutions on all popular digital devices. DropDown menu, additional extensions, integrated animation, great graphic design will allow you to build a successful online business project.

Creative Interior Free Joomla Template
Creative Interior Free Joomla Template


If you are looking for a perfect template to enhance your interior, exterior, furniture or architecture project online, get this Joomla template for free and edit it to your business needs. Visually pleasant and appealing template will help you to impress your visitors and follow them towards some actions, such as sign ups, subscribe or purchase. Communicate with your clients using portfolio and blog sections. Clean and nice layout, easy-to-customize functions and other handful options are under one package.

AgroFarm Free Joomla Template
AgroFarm Free Joomla Template


Try this modern and fresh free Joomla template for your agriculture project. Designed and developed by professionals this template will help you to use it as the basis for your business presence online. Its powerful functions, advanced features, clean layout and great visual effects will provide your website with a great design and engaging appearance. Use it to introduce your notable business project to the whole world.

Smartex Business Free Joomla Template
Smartex Business Free Joomla Template


This clean and fully functional free Joomla template suits perfectly to any business projects online. It is developed according to the latest web design trends to help you to build a strong business website. Simple and stylish layout, easy customization process and a set of helpful features can make your business website a powerful project online, which will engage and impress your visitors.

Best Free Blogger Templates

There is no doubt that blogger is one of the best platforms that you can use for blogging purposes. If you are looking to create some of the best blog sites in any category that you like, then you can make use of the following free blogger templates 2015 to create user friendly and attractive blogging sites.

1. Max Blog

free blogger templates

This is a unique, beautiful and easy to use blogger template that allows you to create some of the most astonishing looking blog sites very easily. It offers a professional news theme that can be made to good use by experienced designers.

2. Power Game

blogger template free

If you want to create a gaming, entertainment and news blog content, then you should try out the Power Game responsive blogger template. It offers great features to design attractive looking gaming blogs.

3. Journey

best template for blogger

If you are passionate about traveling and love to share your traveling experience through a blog, then you can create a travel journal blog easily using the journey blogger template.

4. Simplify

As the name suggests, this blogger template is an ideal one for those who love to create simple, yet attractive personal or music or photography blogs.

5. Karma

This is a free landing page blogger template that you can use as an experienced designer to create mind blowing blogs that are attractive, modern looking and advanced. There are a lot of features offered in the Karma blogger template.

6. Montric

If you are looking to come up with a modern looking and sexy magazine blog, then the Montric magazine blogger template is a perfect one with flat designs and clean cut elements.

7. Magzon

If you are looking for a blogger template that will make designing a news or magazine or lifestyle blogging site, then Magzon is the best one for you. It is a blogger template that can be easily arranged to suit various uses.

8. Brand Mag UX

This is a fully responsive, modern -day blogger template that is built using latest technologies like CSS3 and HTML5. You can customize this template to suit your blog’s design needs. It can be used for creating magazines, personal blog, product blog and for portfolios.

9. Movieism

This blogger template is an ideal option for those who like to create a movie or film blogs, movie production blogs, movie community blogs or cinema blogs.

10. Dribble

If you are looking for a neat, clean, modern, personal and professional blogger template to write stories or your personal diaries, then Dribble template is an ideal choice.

11. Food Mag

If you are a foodie who loves to cook food and share details about food on the internet, then you can make use of the Food Mag blogger template to tell what you want to say about food. It is a perfect tool for professional chefs, budding chefs, housewives with passion for cooking and cooking experts to share their recipes to the outside world.

12. Arcade Mag

Arcade Mag is the best modern day responsive blogger template you can make use of to run a successful game blog online. You have the option to offer free games, blog about the games and also add high quality graphics content to attract visitors.

13. Social Magazine

If you are looking for a user friendly and modern user interface that offers you easy tools to create social media blog sites, then Social Magazine blogger template is a very good option to use to design your blog site. There is extra importance given to the social media network in this template.

14. Fabulous

A blogger template that is ideal for photographers and photography enthusiasts to display their present and past work collections to the internet world is the Fabulous template. This modern day high responsive blogger template is a must use one for everyone who loves to show off their photography skills.

15. Perfect Mag

If you want to create a perfect news or magazine site for the internet that looks sleek and classy, then you need to make use of the Perfect Mag blogger template. It is a simple template that helps in attracting visitors to your blog site with clean SEO practices.

16. Betacommerce

If you want to create an ecommerce blog site that offers information about the products you like to sell and also helps you in offering a user friendly shopping site, then you should make use of the Betacommerce blogger template.

17. Xmax

A high quality and modern day blogger template that you can use to show off the apps that you have developed for Apple phones or Android phones is the Xmax.

18. Techify

If you are a techie who likes to share technology information to internet users, then the Techify blogger template will help you design a cool and trendy blog. This template can be used to design any mobile friendly sites or photography, movie or gallery sites.

20 Free Responsive Jquery Image Sliders

Web designing and web development can be made easy with the help of image sliders. The jQuery image sliders help to manage the photos, screenshots and other images on your website in a better way. Some of these sliders provide fade –in and fade –out effect, transition effect and also provides a thumbnail view of the gallery. So if you want to provide your customers with an optimized browser or mobile viewing, you can opt for downloading the free responsive jQuery image sliders to create a website design of your choice.

1. Blueberry

jquery image sloders

This is a basic image slider which can display the images in fade-in and fadeout mode. This jQuery image slider is especially made for creating responsive web designs by Mark Tyrrell.

2. Jssor jQuery Slider

free image slider

This is a fully functional, responsive jQuery slider and offers good performance. This is an open source plugin and has limitless opportunities to offer to the user. It gives more than 15 slider option and touch support.

3. jQuery Vertical Slider

responsive jquery slide

This is a responsive slider higly useful for websites that are news based and have automated slides on the left side and the display of images made on the right. This slider offers vertical switching of news and gives perfect head options.

4. Hislider For Image Gallery

This free slider plugin is suitable for personal use when you want to create a fancy image gallery. You don’t have to do any coding and can be used in multiple platforms. It offers different templates and skins for image display.

5. Nivo Slider

This free jQuery plugin can make your website look stunning. You will find managing images easy with this plugin. It offers automatic image cropping and flexible image setup options.

6. Full Width Image Slider

This 100 % width jQuery slider allows scaling down for smaller screens like that of mobile phones. It works using CSS transitions and the image gets wrapped by an anchor.

7. Elastic Slider

This slider with a fluid content will adjust the height and width according to the size of the parent image. Content will be present in the sliding area and navigation tab is provided at the bottom.

8. Wmu Slider

This is a lightweight slider which provides a transition of slides and it can return to the first image once the person viewing the slide show reaches the end.

9. Blueprint-Full Width Slider

This is a fully responsive slider which allows the display of full-width image. You will be able to showcase the featured services in your website using this.

10. Pgw Slider

If you want to display the images with good fade effect in your webpage, then opt for Pgw slider. You can even set the captions at the bottom of the slide using this open source project.

11. Code

If you are looking to provide simple sliding of images, you can use code responsive image slider. It uses css3 slider plug-ins to create animations and special effects.

12. Sweet Thumbnails

You will able to set the images in thumbnails using this slider. This allows easier image navigation and thumbnail preview to the users.

13. Cute Slider

If you want to add 2D and 3D effects to the images in your website cute slider is the best option. This free image slider gives best customizable options. It comes with 5 templates and allows more than 100 transitions.

14. A-Slider With Audio Support

You will be able to slide images as well as the contents using this responsive slider. You can add audio to each slide as the slider gives audio support. You can get the freed download and can make a difference to your site.

15. Unislider

If you do not require any fancy effects for your website you can use the tiny unislider. You will be able to use any HTML for your slides and can extend it using CSS.

16. Camera

This free jQuery slider comes with many effects, adaptive layout and is customizable according to your need. You add captions and videos and will be able to use 33 icon colors.

17. Popeye 2.1

This is a tiny slider with standard options. This gives enough visibility and caption support. It offers easy slide show

18. Sequence

This jQuery responsive slider comes with latest CSS3 transitions and horizontal parallax sliding. It is cross-browser compatible and offers touch support.

19. Flux slider

This is a slider which is compatible with zepto.js and jQuery. It supports 2D as well as 3D transitions and all the devices and major browsers that support CSS3 plugins. This slider supports 6 options and 7 methods. Your viewers can navigate easily through the images using this.

20. WOW slider

This is a highly responsive slider which is search engine friendly and gives touch as well as swipe support. The important feature includes killer effects and beautiful skins and CSS fallback.

20 Free But Premium Quality WordPress Themes

If you want to create the stylish looking website, you can make use of the WordPress themes which allows you to use different colors, fonts, page layouts and other details to make your WordPress site more attractive. There are paid as well as free WordPress themes available online. You can create personal, blog, portfolio or corporate site using the free WordPress themes.

1.    Toivo Lite For Blog

free wordpress themes

This is a WordPress theme for a blog site. This has a layout with a sidebar, two columns and callout links.  You can do all the things to set up a good personal blog using this theme which will allow you to make changes in header, color, background image, callout title.

2.    Starter WordPress Theme

wp themes free

This is onepage responsive theme which offers great functionality. The notable features include sliders and clean portfolio. The default admin panel allows customization of the site with required font, header and color.

3.    Unite – Wedding Theme

free wp theme

This is a stylish free theme that offers flat design which is fully responsive. This theme is created using bootstrap 3 and provides user friendly framework to create the website. This theme is especially useful for wedding websites and blogs.

4.    Danko –Fundraiser Theme

This premium WordPress theme is very efficient for charity fundraising sites. It has a front page slider and PayPal integration for fundraising needs.

5.    Widely- Business Theme

This is a theme suitable for a blog as well as business sites and it comes with features like theme update and access to the forums. Interior pages offer slideshows.

6.    Snaps-Portfolio Theme

This responsive portfolio theme is freely downloadable and has simple to use interface.  Support for the users and lifetime updates are the attractive features. It is good for sites that want to display the creative work in a modern design.

7.    Onesie Onepage Theme

This one page portfolio theme is good for creating the landing page for WordPress sites. It is  suitable for making simple websites which are fast in function. For blog sites you can go for onesie pro theme.

8.    SKT White – Business Theme

This theme works well for all types of businesses as it is focused on white. This offers a responsive slider for the people visiting your site. This theme integrates contact form 7 and Woo Commerce services.

9.    Catch Everest Theme

This is a theme which has received marvelous reviews from users. The pro version of the theme offers more features. The free responsive theme version comes with features such as translation ready and code free editing.

10.    Fullscreen Portfolio Theme

This is a unique WordPress theme which is suitable for different media. This theme is suitable for designers, videographers, musicians and photographers can use this theme conveniently for displaying their portfolios.

11.    Store Front- Woo Commerce Theme

This theme is well suited for latest online shops. Access to forum section, responsive design and regular updates are the highlights.

12.    Soliloquy Business Theme

This is a modern WordPress theme for businesses. It offers much code-free option and is rich in typography.  You can include full-width images on web pages using this.

13.    Match- Wedding Theme

This is well suited for wedding blog which has to display wedding photos on the front-page. You will have a free blog layout which can be customized with background colors and header images of your choice.

14.    Auberge

Your web content can be getting more visibility by using this theme which offers retina displays. PC users and mobile users can have safe effect while using the website. It can be used for any website belonging to any niche.

15.    Awaken

If you have refined taste when it comes to website designing, you can opt for this theme that offers magazine layout. This offers enhanced experience to the mobile users as well. It is possible to manage the pages and update content with ease and read posts using administration options.

16.    SSMAG Theme

This theme is based on grid layout and is easy to use you can just plug it in and play. This is designed for people who want to create content that will go viral on the web. The design layout is interesting and makes the visitors to read the content further.

17.    Esteem Business Theme

This theme is well suited for business, portfolio, blog, etc. This offers boxed as well as wide layout. The unlimited color options and the ability to display the contents and products using the custom built template are very convenient for the customers. It is possible to use custom logo or title using the theme.

18.    BookRev Lite

This is a WordPress theme created for book reviews. You can review the book, get feedback from users and create affiliate links to other book stores using this theme.  This SEO friendly theme can also be used for gadget and digital product reviews.

19.    Ample

This theme offers eye-catching design for your website. This has various customization options to create the website the way you want.

20.    Lola Blog Theme

This is very useful in enhancing the blog sites. It has a solid design and well defined and streamlined layout.