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  1. i also have this problem.
    i think der Version will be the problem.
    i’ve installed Joomla 3.2 .
    Description of FrontOffice: Joomla 3.0 template #37-4139.

    So it may be possible that the Template not works with 3.2

  2. I also have this problem. If you assign a module to the ‘left’ position it causes the page content to truncate to the left leaving a gap on the RIGHT where the module could go, but the vertical space is empty.

    I have noticed the demo of this template shows modules to the right of the text which isn’t actually configurable or offered as a feature in the downloadable template but it looks nice, and would be preferable to assigning modules to the left anyway.

    Please fix this bug, but make modules assignable to the right rather than left 🙂

    Other that this this template is really great and highly recommended – the left/right module issue certainly hasn’t stopped me using the template on a live site.

  3. Hello, nice template, but i have the same problem as isolde ” the submenu work only when this is in the current page” if you go to home page, submenu stops working, but if you enter current page, submenu shows. You wrote “Submenus must work the same way as in the demo” but its not, you can check http://www.interjerinelele.lt/ pradinis(HOME), galerija(GALLERY with submenu). Can you help, please.

    • Hi. Have you set the “show submenus on all pages”? It should work the same way as in the demo. It’s the same template.

      • Thank you very much. That solved my problem. (Module Manager -> Main Menu -> tab (Module) -> change ‘Show Sub-menu Items’ to Yes.)

  4. Hi, I have a problem the template doesn’t look right in IE but looks very good in Mozilla. Anyway to fix so that it looks right in IE??

  5. Hi There,

    I’m a beginner in Joomla and found your fantastic Template. I was wandering i’ve there is a way to just change background colour beside the content and main menu?
    When i use firebug to try, I could only change the complete background colour (incl main menu and content area). Example when we take this site, I would like to change the light grey area. Is that possible?

    Thanks so much for your reply and of course the great Template!!!!!

    Greets Bas

  6. I come into a problem, when I try to add in an article in the frontpage breadcrumb I end up getting the error “Notice: Undefined property: ContentViewFeatured::$print in C:\xampp\htdocs\joomla\templates\frontoffice\html\com_content\featured\default_item.php on line 67”

  7. Hi,

    Quick one, thanks for the great template! I would like to add LinkedIn to the top next to Facebook, etc, but cannot find the option in the admin for the template. How can I add this?

  8. Hi,

    I downloaded the updated version of this template off of the JomBoom.com website and, like many others, I am having issues with the left module not appearing when I select it as an option. Also, when I tried to assign a right module, that option wasn’t even listed in the drop down menu. Do you have a fix for this instead of downloading the whole thing over again?



  9. This template seems to break registration messages to the user. When a user registers it usually gives a message that says to go check email and finish etc… when this template is on it will not show message. I change template and message works.

    Any help?

  10. Enjoying this template.

    1) Home button is coming up blue?
    2) Would it be ok to change the footer module from blue?
    3) What font have you used for the menu items? Tahoma?

    Thanks FJT

  11. Hi, Great and simple template there… But, I have a problem with the responsiveness of the template, particularly the MainMenu. It does not collapse properly… how to deal with this? and another one, Is it ok to use the bootsrap.css than normalize.css since bootstrap is using normalize.css?? thanks a lot, keep up the good work.

  12. Hi Again… One more thing in the template, I see position top1, top2 and top3… but when I am to assign a module on those positions, it never appeared in the website… How to show it up?? thank you in advance.

  13. Hi. There appears to be an issue with the responsive main menu.
    When loading on a phone for example the responsive menu changes to the expected icon but pushes to the right of the page and the drop down items disappear off the side of the page.
    I would expect the menu to move above or below the site logo in order for it to display properly but it does not do this.
    Is there a fix possibly? Any help would be much appreciated 🙂

    Normal page: http://imgur.com/s7Nszsw

    Responsive page: http://imgur.com/s7Nszsw,RXmf3r9#1

    • Hi. there is a problem with the menu, yes. It will be fixed soon. I recommend to download one of our newer templates instead.

  14. Hi,

    I install the responsive gallery in the website (joomla 3.0) and I want my gallery in the middle of the article (Projects II) how can I do it, I have try all the positions and none can do it.

    What is the way to do it?

    Can you please help me?



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