Error Active Account Already Exists Robinhood


If you’re dealing with the “account already exists” error, whenever you open Robinhood, you’re not alone. This is a common issue that many users face.

We’ve run through some easy trouble-shooting tricks, along with our in-depth. Read ahead.

Why Does the Error “Active Account Already Exists Robinhood” Pop-up?

Bugs usually cause the issue. Either your operating system or the Robinhood app is outdated. Sometimes, though, isolated glitches and down servers are responsible for it. If you are dealing with the latter, Robinhood would have posted an update online.

In the section below, we’ve discussed how to fix the problem in-depth.

Solution 1: Sign in and Out

Signing in and out of your account is the easiest fix to try. All you do is go to the profile section, and then click sign-out.

Hopefully, this did the trick. But we’ve got more solutions if it didn’t.

Solution 2: Update the Robinhood App

When was the last time you updated the application? If it’s been a while, bugs wouldn’t be a surprise. Updating it will help.

Regardless of whether you’re using an iOS or Android device, you’ll be able to download the latest firmware by going to your respective app store, searching for Robinhood, and then clicking the Update button.

Solution 3: Update Your Operating System

You can also try updating your operating system. It might be bugging out and causing problems, including the error.

Here’s what you do on Androids:

  • Launch the Settings app
  • Click on System, and then tap About Phone
  • Tap the firmware file that is available

Do the following on Apple devices:

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to General and then click on Software Update
  • Tap the firmware file that is available

Your handset will reboot afterward. You should be good to go now.

Solution 4: Uninstalling and then Re-installing

If you’re still having trouble, uninstalling and then re-installing the trading app might do the trick. All of the data would be wiped from your phone. Whatever was causing it to act up should be gone.

Not to worry, once you reinstall it and sign back in again, all your synced data will be back.

Here’s how you uninstall the application:

  • Go to the home screen
  • Find the application
  • Long hold it
  • Click the Uninstall button
  • Tap the Delete option

Go back to the app store and then download the program again.

Solution 5: Factory Reset

Try factory resetting it. This will clear any stubborn software issue that is causing the issue. Just remember that you will lose all your personal data. Back up your files before going forward.

Here’s how you back up your files on Android:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on Google One
  • Select the Backup Now option

Do the following on Apple devices:

  • Go to Settings > [your name]
  • Click on iCloud, and then iCloud Backup
  • Toggle the iCloud Backup feature on. This will result in your iPhone being backed up daily, as long as it has enough power and is connected to the Wi-Fi

Alternatively, you can tap the Backup Now button to manually save your data.

Here’s how you factory reset after that on Android:

  • Go to the home screen and then open Settings
  • Find and select Backup and Reset (you might have to scroll down)
  • Tap the Factory Data Reset button
  • Select the Reset Device option to confirm
  • Click on Erase Everything finally

Here’s what you do on Apple devices:

  • Launch Settings
  • Go to General, and then select Transfer or Reset iPhone
  • Click on Reset
  • Tap the Erase All Content option
  • Enter your Apple ID and password to confirm

Your phone will restart. Keep in mind that you’ll have to reconfigure it from the top. Download the Robinhood app afterwards, and you should be good to go.

Solution 6: Robinhood Servers

Robinhood’s servers may be down. There’s nothing you can do about this other than wait things out. You can check their social media for confirmation – they might have made a post about their servers not working.

Solution 7: Contact the Team

Finally, you can try communicating with the site team. The problem could be due to a bug that they have not released an update for yet.

We recommend checking what other users have said too. You’ll see how they have been dealing with it.

Fixing the Error “Active Account Already Exists Robinhood”

There are several reasons why the error can appear. However, fixing it is relatively easy. You can either sign in and out of your account or update the application and your operating system too. If all else fails, you can take things up a notch and give factory resetting a try.

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