Free Joomla 3.5 Template – jPeople

Compatibility #43
This new joomla template works with all versions of Joomla starting from version 2.5 up to the newest Joomla 3.5. Unique colors and an effective layout are just a few advantages of this template.

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  2. Clemer Antony

    I like the Template,,,i tested it but there is an error. Creating a new Article,, All text or photos are always double.
    Is there any solutions about this? I tried another Templates and it seems all are normal. I am very sure that there is a small failure in the Templates.

  3. joe mcisaac

    I love this template ,just have a few questions, is their an option to buy this template or is it completely free, also if their is how much to buy it not looking for the full rights just to use it fully don’t care who has other ones of it

  4. DNI

    I found another issue: If I have a Sub-Sub-Menu (e.g. MainMenu->Media->Images/Videos/…) and select one entry from the menu (e.g. Images) all other entries on the same level will be marked as currently selected.
    Can you help with this, too?

  5. TC70

    I love the template – thank you! However, I have three minor issues. Firstly, after downloading the latest version, I still have the issue that information in an article appears twice, as some other have also encountered. This only happens if a menu item shows a single article. A category-blog works fine. Secondly, the social icons do not disappear when this is selected in the options. Lastly, when I select “Hide” for Custom footer text in the options, the vertical spacing is all messed up, and the text right-aligns… Thanks for sharing this wonderful template!

  6. rizz

    Hello, i like this template. Very easy and faster to design any website. But, how to create a article’s for the frontpage same the sample page demo J-People template? My article display one by one in frontpage, i want article’s display same to demo page. What is module position name? Top1 or user1? Or can be setting with article manager? Tahnks.

  7. Madaju

    Hi FJT,

    very nice template, I really like it!
    I want to use it on my joomla page for a local club, is this ok for you?
    Also I think I will edit a few things in the CSS section, so again is it ok for you if I use a modified version of your template?


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