9 thoughts on “Fresh Joomla 1.7 template”

  1. Cool template, there’s not many Joomla 2.5 templates around just yet.

    Instructions on setting up menu and top right handside tags? I couldn’t find anything in the template or on the website 🙁


  2. I’m not able to change the slideshow.
    The 1.jpg 2.jpg etc. can not be changed.
    In the template one can enter a URL.
    The URL under the first slide is visible and after clicking appears on screen but not in the slideshow?

  3. template is maybe okay.

    but ridiculosly – no one template contatins a clear instruction t how to set left or right column.

    in jpg file – there is only middle portion.

    where is the right and lkeft columns?


  4. how i change the slideshow?…i want to change pictures and titles of the slideshow, but i dont know how…is there a module or something to customize or select the pistures?

    thanks in advance


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