Fujitsu Fault Codes Flashing Lights


Does your Fujitsu air-conditioner struggle with lights that are flashing? You probably don’t know this, but the number of flashes you see will help you figure out what’s going on.

In this article, we have not only discussed what each individual flashing light means, but how to fix them too.

What Do the Flashing Colors Mean?

As mentioned, the number of flashes that you see will help you figure out what’s going on:

  • Red light-weight sensors flashing twice, along with the inexperienced light-weight sensors going twice mean that your indoor air sensing element has failed
  • Red light-weight sensors flashing twice, along with the inexperienced light-weight sensors going thrice means that your indoor pipe sensing element has failed
  • RLS flashing three times, along with the GLS four flashing four means that your outdoor sensing element has stopped working

Now that you know the issue you may be facing, how do you fix it? Check whether your filter squares are clogged, make sure your AC is not on timer mode, and check for proper suction temperature. It should be between -3 and 40 c

What Are Some Troubleshooting Tips?

If you’re still having trouble, you might find the below troubleshooting tips useful.

Solution 1: Install an Aircon Socket

Your AC unit may be glitching due to a power outage. Installing an aircon socket should help. You can buy one from any department store.

Not skimping would be a pro-tip. You need a quality socket, so don’t be afraid to spend a little extra.

Solution 2: Change Your Cable

Faulty cables can be responsible. Most of the time, replacing and inspecting your PCB cable fixes this.

While on the topic of cables, check for any loose wiring. Once done, double and triple-check this, as even the slightest loose wires can cause all kinds of problems.

Solution 3: Contact the Company

You might have to contact the company that you bought it from. If you still have your warranty, they will fix it for free. Expect them to take the AC unit back with them and keep it for a couple of days, or even weeks.

If the issue is due to a defect, you will get a replacement for free. Anyone would appreciate this.

How Do You Choose an Air Conditioner Technician to Hire?

Working with the company that you bought from would be the smartest choice. However, you can hire third-party services too. Just remember to consider a few things.

Some of them include:

1.     Keep Prices in Mind

We don’t need to tell you that getting an aircon fixed is expensive. Be smart and check the rates of all the teams in the area.

By speaking to friends and family, you might be able to get special discounts by working with technicians that they know.

2.     Look for Good Experience

Going through reviews will be smart, as you’ll see what others have said about the team that you want to work with. Check their website while you’re at it. Usually, hiring people that have been around for the longest is the best.

3.     Customer Support

Make sure you work with someone that offers good customer support too. You’d be able to get In touch whenever you have to.

4.     Speed of Work

Even if the repairs are minor, choosing a good team ensures how fast the job will be done. Going through reviews will once again be smart, as you’ll know how fast the technicians in the area are.

Fujitsu Color Codes

The flashing codes mean that there is a problem. Now, the number of flashes that you see will tell you the extent of whatever you’re facing. Your indoor and outdoor pipe and sensing elements may have failed.

A simple fix like replacing your PCB cable, and checking for any loose fires can take care of the issue. But it might be due to a power outage, which you will have to wait out, then.

When facing issues with their air-con units, most people contact the store they bought it from, but you can look at third-party teams too.

Hopefully, you found all the points that were discussed useful.

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