HTTP 403 Error


If the 403 error keeps appearing whenever you open, you’re not alone. This is a common issue that several users face.

We’ve taken a closer look at it, and outlined several ways to fix it.

Why Does the HTTP 403 Error in Appear?

The error can pop up due to various reasons. Usually, isolated glitches are the biggest culprits. It could also be that either your browser or operating system may have glitched out. However, issues like entering an invalid URL can cause it too.

In the section below, we’ve discussed how to fix the problem in-depth. Keep in mind that some of the fixes are only applicable on mobile phones.

Solution 1: Check the URL

Take a good look at the page URL. There’s a chance that you’re on the wrong site. Even if you’re sure you’re on the right page, search up the correct URL to double-check.

Solution 2: Refresh the Page

Refreshing the page can do the trick if you’re facing an isolated glitch. All you do is right-click the screen, and then select the Refresh button.

Solution 3: Check Your VPN is not available in every country. Quite a few users have to use VPNs to access it. If this is you, there is a chance that your VPN is acting up. Try disconnecting and then connecting to your server. Connecting to another region might also be smart.

Solution 4: Update Your Browser

Are you accessing the e-trader from your phone? Your mobile browser might be responsible. Force closing it will clear any minor glitches that are lurking.

Here’s what you do on Android phones:

  • Go to Settings
  • Head to the Application Manager
  • Scroll down until you see your browser
  • Tap the Force Stop button

Do the following on iPhones:

  • Swipe up to open the application launcher
  • Scroll to locate the browser in question
  • Swipe to quit its preview

Solution 5: Force Restart

If your phone is bugging out, force-restarting might do the trick. In case you’re wondering what the difference between a regular reboot and a force restart is, the latter is more comprehensive as all the processes that are running would be shut down abruptly.

The force reboot process differs between your OEM. We’ve looked at what you should do depending on your Android and Apple device model below.

Here’s what you do on iPhones released after the X, and the 8 and second-gen SE too:

  • Keep holding, then let go of the Volume Up key
  • Keep holding and let go of the Volume Down key
  • Press and hold the Side key until you see the startup logo

7 and 7 Plus:

  • Have your finger on and then let go of the Volume Down and Power keys when you see the startup display

6s, SE (first) as well as previous models:

  • Press and release the Power and Home buttons, then let go when the Apple screen pops up

Here’s what you do on Samsung phones:

  • Press the Volume Down and Power buttons, then release the two when you see the startup screen

Google Pixel:

  • Press and hold the Power button until your device starts again


  • Hold both the Power and Volume Down keys till your handset restarts


  • Keep holding the Volume Down and Power buttons until you see the Android starting screen

Solution 6: Update the Browser

An outdated browser can cause the error. However, this is mostly true for mobile phones. Ask yourself when was the last time you updated your browser.

Regardless of whether you own an Android or iOS device, going to the respective app store, searching for the browser that you use, and then clicking the Update button will help.

Solution 7: Contact Crypto.Com

Try contacting the team. You might be dealing with a site problem that they are not aware of.

Check online for what others have said too. If it’s due to an internal problem, other users would be facing it, so you’ll be able to see how they have been dealing with it.

Solution 8: Site Maintenance

Lastly, the error may be due to the e-trader’s servers being down. If this is what you’re facing, there’s nothing you can do other than sit back and wait things out.

Most likely, the site team will release a statement online if one of their servers is down.

HTTP 403 Error Keeps Appearing

There are many reasons why the issue can arise. A lot of the time, bugs and glitches are the major culprits. However, entering the wrong URL or server issues can also be responsible.

Hopefully, you found everything that was discussed useful.

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