20 Best Websites To Download Free PSD Files

As a designer your main goal is to offer quality work for your clients within the time limit. You would surely be looking at various resources to get inspiration for your design as well as get free Photoshop files to help you in your design work. The internet is flooded with free PSD files that can be of great help in your designing and also save your time so that you complete the work before the deadline.
If you are in search of best PSD files resource sites to aid you in your design work, then you need to check out the list of the best websites that offer free PSD files given below.

1. Graphics Fuel

free psd files

This is a free PSD resource website that offers you free PSD files in any category you want like: animal and wildlife, arts and design, backgrounds, banners and ribbons, fashion, food and drink, nature and landscapes, sports and recreation, transportation, vintage, etc.

2. Freepsdfiles.Net

psd file download

If you are looking for premium quality and free PSD files, backgrounds, graphics, templates, flyers, business cards and many other Photoshop resources to suit your design needs, then this is the website you should never miss.

3. Psdblast.Com

download psd files

This website offers you high quality fermium PSD resources for your design purposes. You can download web template designs, free PSD format icons, background and many more from here.

4. Premium Pixels

If you want to save loads of time during designing, then you should make use of the PSD icons and other resources to design and optimize your client’s websites easily.

5. Psdgraphics

Quality backgrounds, templates and PSD files are what you are looking for to reduce your design workload and to create custom friendly websites for your business clients, then you need to make use of the free resources offered by PSDgraphics.

6. 365PSD

This website is a premium source for all kinds of PSD files to offer you quality and easy web designing files to design your client’s website in a breeze. You can find tons of free vector graphics and PSD files to use In your design projects.

7. Downloadpsd.Com

If you want tons of resources of PSD templates, PSD icons, PSD images, free brushes and many more, then visit Downlaodpsd.com.

8. PSDChest

This is a website where you will find plenty of free web and UI design resources to make sue in your design projects to save your valuable time.

9. Facegfx

This website is a one stop solution for all the exclusive PSD files, vectors, 3D models, icons and templates you are looking for to impress your clients when building their business websites.

10. Freepix

This websites offers you more than 1 million free vectors, PSD files, website templates and icons to make web designing an easy job for you.

11. Photoshop Files

If you are looking for thousands of freemium Adobe Photoshop files and PSD resources to help you speed up your web designing and graphic designing projects, then never miss to take a look at what is on offer at photoshopfiles.com.

12. Bestpsdfreebies

As the name suggests, this is a website where you will find the best psd files and resources that you want to add life to your designing projects. It is a warehouse for freemium design resources.

13. Official PSDs

This is a website community where graphic artists share their quality design resources like PSD files, images and templates that you can use in banners, personal projects and mix tapes that you create.

14. Pixeden.Com

If you are looking for quality and free premium vectors, graphics and PSD resources to add life to your website designing projects, then visit pixeden.com for the right resources to spruce up your design.

15. Psd.Tutsplus

If you are looking for inspirations to design a website along with free and quality PSD files and resources to give new dimensions to your web designing process, then this is the website that you need to check out.

16. Fordesigner.Com

If PSD people, cartoon, flower, food, landscape, animal and many more are what you want to add life to your web designing projects, then fordesigner.com is the best website to visit to get hold of quality PSD resources.

17. Brusheezy

This is the website to check out if you want to impress your clients’ with creativity and great design skills. The website offers you thousands of free PSD files in raw format that you can make use of in your design projects to impress your clients.

18. Freebies Booth

The freebiesbooth.com website is the place to visit for all kinds of free PSD files and resources that you need to help in your web designing process.

19. PSD Explorer

This is a website where you will get all high quality fermium PSD files in one place.

20. PS Galaxy

This is a website where you will come across a galaxy of free PSD files and resources to add creativity to your web design projects.

15 Free Responsive HTML5 and CSS3 Website Templates

Creating websites which are responsive and look impressive in mobile devices is made easy with the use of HTML5 and CSS3 Website Templates. There is no need to create a separate website for the people who are accessing your site through mobile when you opt for this template which works for mobile devices and tablets.

There are free templates available online which are well –designed to meet the needs of any business, personal, blog, or company website. You can customize your website the way you want by using the free templates. Here is a list of Free Responsive HTML5 and CSS3 Website Templates for your website creation needs.

1. Progressive HTML5 CSS3 Themes

This template uses latest technology and comes with more than 200 user interface elements. This is 100 % responsive template which will be able to give flat and light design and fully customizable website. This offers support for Twitter Bootstrap.

2. Timber Bootstrap Template


This theme is created using the bootstrap framework and has a design layout consisting of one long page. This is suited for websites which want to create maps, contact page, gallery, portfolio, etc. You can get the demo for this online to know more about this template.

3. Admin LTE Dashboard Responsive Template

This free template is designed keeping in mind the required standards and is based on bootstrap frame structure. You will find this template very useful for your admin themes as it comes with more than 1000 icons and large number of user interaction elements.

4. Modern HTML Template

This is a template which will be suitable for creating websites for big or small businesses. This offers a flat HTML template and high quality CSS elements. This comes with a layout of four colors for homepage display for portfolio creation and call to action requirements.

5. Riley HTML5 And CSS3 Themes

If you want to project your business at the highest possible level, you can opt for Riley. This template is retina ready and parallax ready. The other important features of this template include typicons or the vector icons, premium master sliders; page view options etc. There are different versions available with different useful features.

6. Yunik Responsive Template

This is a one page HTML 5 template with a layout that will work in different devices. It comes with 9 prepared styles and offers 4 different portfolio types. The responsive design, the revolution slider, vector icons and cross- browser animations help to create the best pages for your website. Artists, designers and photographers can use this template to showcase their work.

7. Crafty HTML Template

Any services company or any corporate firm can opt for this HTM5 CSS 3 template as this template contains the necessary elements to create the perfect landing page and to create a call to action.

8. Magnetic Template For Photography Site

This template is most suitable for those who want to showcase the designs or photographs through their website. This template provides easy navigation with full width contact page and one left sidebar.

9. Yebo – CSS Corporate Template

If you are looking to upgrade your website in the future, you can use Yebo corporate template with flat HTML. It is possible to alter the images according to your website projection need and portfolio gallery length as required using this template.

10. Jollyany HTML Template

This is a multipurpose template which has countless features and much functionality. Whatever type of website that you want to create, you can do it easily with this class template. It offers more than 125 valid templates for HTML pages and more than 30 home page layouts.

11. Avada –Plus

This free HTML agency template is SEO friendly. It offers many free responsive templates which are SEO optimized. The usual one page HTML5 templates are not SEO optimized.

12. Dragon Fruit Template

This is an animated free HTML5 website template which uses bootstrap and jQuery as its base. This layout is suitable for websites with different events and timelines.

13. Mamba Template

This is a one page template designed to be compatible with the latest web browsers. This has a flat design with bootstrap framework. You will be able to provide platforms for multiple devices in your website using this template.

14. Infusion Template For Businesses

Creating business portfolios can be easily done with infusion business portfolio templates. This template offers complete functionality to your website. You will be able to add a special call to action elements into your website using the featured layouts.

15. E-shopper – eCommerce Template

This template for e-commerce sites comes with amazing features. The fully functional side bars and unique slider helps in creating the online shopping website with ease. You can display the products in an effective way using this template. The inner product pages have the options image previews and add to cart for easy purchase of the items by the customer.
Designing your business websites will not be a problem when you can use free responsive website templates.

Joomla Hosting Requirements

If you’re seeking the perfect hosting angle for Joomla interface and accessibility, then HostGator is definitely the direction to go!

joomla hosting requirementsAfter thorough research and consideration of the fellow competition, HostGator definitely comes in first with regards to functionality, consistency of uptime, ability to merge and migrate Joomla data, and provides a world class C-Panel access so all of your Joomla needs are simple at the convenience of your fingertips!

Joomla Technical Requirements

Let’s have a review at the specs and technical requirements for the successful utilization and access of Joomla to meet all of your website and business template needs!

With PHP keep in mind to keep PHP Magic Quotes turned off!

Joomla 3.x Version Technical Requirements

 Software  Recommended  Minimum
 Php  5.6 or 7.0 +  5.3.10
 Mysql  5.5.3 +  5.1
 Apache  2.4 +  2.0
    or Nginx  1.8 +  1.0
    or Microsoft IIS  7  7


Hostgator the best Joomla Hosting

HostGator is the top choice for running Joomla because it offers the most sources, resources, tools, and the highest level of support!

With unmetered disk and bandwidth space, unlimited FTP and email accounts, a SAFE-HARBORED account, and a 45-day money back GUARANTEE it’s a undoubtedly the best investment for you and your website and the future of your business!

Get Hostgator for your Joomla site

With cPanel Control Panel direct access to your Joomla data, as well as safety, privacy, and modifications to your website are a breeze!

HostGator is designed to upload hundreds of templates built-in, applications, software’s, and other tools such as over 75 various open-scripts, Drupal, Wiki Hosting, and more! Merging your Joomla website template with all of these great services and tools truly maximizes the depth of marketing and advertising technique you are able to initiate with your personal website or business!

Customers Back HostGator: Frequent users and long-time customers of HostGator stand strongly behind this server service provider, modified, maintenance provider, their technical support, and world class customer-service time and time again! In fact, what other server hosting service provider do you know that providers 24/7-365 days a year customer service accessible via phone, internet, instant-messaging, emailing, and more!?

Customers report HostGator is an affordable solution to fast server-speeds, simple drop and drag functionality, and the ability to easily install Joomla with just a matter of clicks, and the accessibility behind it to keep you on top of your website, its components, and more!

HostGator has really made its way to the top in the broad range of built-in privacy options, policies, and features that protect your data, website, information, and even coding involved with your website layout, template, and other personal information that other websites and server providers might have missed!

Hostgator’s one click Joomla Installation

Installing and applying a connection of your Joomla account and interface, controlling it, connecting, and maintaining it through HostGator is, as promised, a breeze! Follow the next few steps to get started today, and experience the simplicity and convenience for yourself!

All you will need to accomplish this is a verified set-up HostGator account, a cPanel Username and Password, and lastly ensure that your domain name is DNS configured. While you can do it manually, through Quickinstall, Fantastico, and another measure or two, the most ideal is internally through the HostGator site!

This was the traditional method of installing Joomla:

  • Step 1: Download the FULL Joomla package if you haven’t already, directly through it’s website: http://Joomla.org/download
  • Step 2: Login to your cPanel account through HostGator to take the next steps in extraction, installation, and setup by visiting: http://YOURDOMAIN.COM/CPANEL
  • Step 3: Go to File Manager and find the “Web Root” option on the HostGator interface, and select it.
  • Step 4: Through File Manager, in order to upload your Joomla package, you need to get inside the “Public_html” folder (found at the top), then click Upload, or select Browse as necessary to find it, then Highlight the uploaded Joomla Package from the File Manager after closing the upload window, and lastly click EXTRACT!
  • Step 5: Now head over to your MySQL Database Creation Screen via HostGator, and scroll down until you see MySQL Databases, and select it!
  • Step 6: Creating the DATABASE and understanding the links and terminology or folders doesn’t have to be difficult! Create New Database by entering JOOMLA, you can customize your username and password HERE, so do that, and then click ADD USER to the DATABASE by selecting your UNIQUE username! Lastly, make sure you check “All Privileges”, and then select MAKE CHANGES! (Don’t forget your USERNAME and PASSWORD!)
  • Step 7: The next few steps should be rather self-explanatory, as it’s just a matter of going through a typical installation, just make sure you select YES to all options since you’ve already created an account, and are in the process of directly rooting your Joomla platform to HostGator in doing so.

Once you get to DATABASE CONFIG, just re-enter all of the login information and specifics entered previously. Following that, SKIP FTP settings, as it’s not applicable to the method in which you’re creating the accounts and connection. You will FINISH the process by then proceeding to enter your website information, verifying that all of the information (your website details) are correct, and then FINISH the install! After that, you’re all finished! See? Who said using HostGator wasn’t a simple, pleasurable experience?

This is the new/easy method that you can do with Hostgator:

  • Step 1: Login to your cPanel through your Hostgator account
  • Step 2: Go to ‘Quick Install’ > Click ‘Joomla’
  • Step 3: Follow the steps and you’re done

joomla technical requirements

Thanks to HostGator’s user-friendly website, design, templates, plugin accessibility, and direct cPanel you are undoubtedly left in total control of your website, templates, and Joomla experience!

Get Hostgator for your Joomla site

20 Best Websites To Download Free Vectors

If you are a designer or a developer in the web designing field, then you would want to know the best vector graphics sites that you need to visit to get hold of the vectors that you need to use in your web designing project. High quality vectors are of utmost importance when it comes to creating designs, icons and user interface elements.
The following are some the websites you can visit to get access to high quality vectors for your posters or flyers or business websites.
1. Vecteezy

This is a website to access thousands of free vector arts and you can use these graphics freely on your projects. You get vector swirls, vector icons, vector patterns and many more here.

2. Vectorish

This is a website where you can download all kinds of creative images and also submit the vector designs that you have created. You can access the vector images easily using the search box.

3. Vector Portal

If you are looking for all kinds of vector images to use in your projects to add fun, entertainment and visual appeal, then make use of the free vector images on offer at the Vector portal.

4. I Heart Vector

This is a high quality free vector resource site that offers over 200 vector files for commercial as well as personal use. They are arranged in dropdown categories menu for easy and quick access.

5. Cool Vectors

As the name suggests, this is a website where you get to download and share vectors for free. The vectors are arranged in categories for easy access and are also rated to help you choose vectors quickly.

6. QVectors

If you are looking for high quality vectors that are neatly organized in an easy to use website, then QVectors is the website to visit. Each of the vector images found on this site has its own page with information and star rating.

7. Vector Madness

This is a website where you will get all kinds of free vector designs and resources that you want to carry out your design projects. There are as many as 7800+ vector images on offer here and they can also be easily accessed as they are arranged in categories.

8. Dryicons

This is a one stop place for all kinds of vector graphics that you need to suit any of the design projects you are working on. You will find over 6700 free vector images here.

9. Freepik

This is a website where you get full access to everything you need for design projects like vectors, PSDs, photos and illustrations.

10. Vectors4all

This is the website to visit if you like to find the best vectors for your web designs. All the vector files offered are free to use for commercial or personal websites.

Other Vector sites include:

11. Vector Background
If you are looking for the apt vector background for your design projects, then never miss this site. There are over 1500 high quality and royalty free vector background designs to choose from.

12. Vector Junky
If you are looking for quick to access vectors for your web design projects, then Vector Junky is the site to visit. It offers all kinds of vectors arranged in a neat category list for quick access.

13. 123freevectors
If you are looking for a website that offers you the largest collection of premium vector graphics, vector arts, vector images and background designs to give you complete solutions for your web designing projects, then you must surely visit the 123freevectors website.

14. Easyvectors
This is a free premium website where you get everything as far as vector graphics and resources are concerned like vector icons, silhouette vectors, vector stocks, vector backgrounds and vector packs.

15. Vector Open Stock
This site is truly an open stock for all kinds of vectors that you need to add quality to your design project work. All vector graphics and art from different graphic designers all over the world are assembled on this site.

16. Flaticon
If you are looking for vector icons to spruce up your design projects, then flaticon is the place to visit. Here, you will come across over 1000 free vector icons for all categories.

17. Free Vector Archive
If you are looking for better quality vector files for different categories and are not worried about the quantity of vectors, then you should give freevectorarchive.com a try.

18. Great Vectors
If high quality vectors with lots of vectors are what you want, try out the Great Vectors website. You will find over 1000 free vectors here.

19. Dezignus
This is a website where many of the graphic designers shares their vector icons, vector backgrounds and other design tools.

20. Bazaar Designs
This is a site where you will come across more than 1400 free high quality vector graphics that you cannot find on any other sites.