Free Responsive Joomla Template

Compatibility #39
Qualify is a free joomla 3.x template designed by xswebdesign. It looks unique and had a lot of module positons.

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  2. andy

    Nice looking template but there seems to be an issue with the modules top1,top2,top3. you can only use on of these modules, trying to use more than one will result in none of them showing.

    1. thomas

      Same problem: Here the solution:
      You have to edit the index.php ofthe template. Go to line 65 and replace the “Xor” -Operator with “or”
      so it looks like:
      countModules(‘top1’) or $this->countModules(‘top2’) or $this->countModules(‘top3’)) : ?>

      1. A dude

        The Menus out of the box are not showing, it may work for you, however it’s not working as a default option. Any ideas? Also I had to add the website url and link to the copyright footer php so that it shows on all pages not just the home.

  3. Jesse

    I downloaded this template but many of the design features are not included such as the top tabs, modules, columns of text at the bottom, etc. Is my version of Joomla not compatible? I’m running 3.4.1

  4. Leo

    This is the best template ever designed, love it so much. but i am unable to get show in my site. i actually want to deploy it to my bulksms site. Any help will be appreciated. i am new to joomla though

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