Dark Green Joomla 1.7 Template

A truly mystical joomla template with a unique color combination. If you are into space stuff, meteors, planets or science fiction, then this is the perfect template for you.


  1. alexniko

    I have three(3) questions
    1. How to narrow the margin of the page?
    2. How to put the basic articles in one column?
    3. How to change the button links (in the upper of the page) in order to make them small or not to have all of them?

  2. luigi49221

    Dark Green Joomla 1.7 Template

    Menus look fine in Firefox, IE8 full menu width wraps, and drop down will stay displayed if you have drop down show and then move straight down to content.
    In IE8 if change from 100% to 75% display, menus display correctly – but still has drop down issue.

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