eCommerce Electronics Template

This is the perfect template for any electronics related ecommerce site or any other type of technology site. Increase your sales with a professional design. This template is absolutely free for all our visitors. Leave a comment if you like it.


  1. Eremit_


    nice template. I use it with Joomla 2.5.
    But I have problems to create the top menus like “Home, Sitemap, Login…” and so on.
    What is the position? Can I create a menu and put it in that positiono?



  2. pie

    hi, thank’s before for your template.
    but i have a problem with menu login. if i entering user login, i have any error like “Captcha text error”.
    what’s problem ?
    sorry i’m newbi in joomla. it joomla error or template?
    i use joomla 1.7 version


  3. T

    Sorry to sound like an idiot… I am new to Joomla, how do I check the modulepositions.jpg file in the template folder?

    Where do I access that? Thank you for your help and great template!

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  5. hotstuff

    using the template on Joomla! 2.5.1

    I have a problem with the article-picture in the article which is not shown – only the small picture in the article-preview

    Also the captcha is only shown in IE, not in Mozilla or Opera f.e.

    also have no left or right colums so the social-tags are not shown – where can I move them?

    thanx for your answer

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