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  1. How do I get the main menu to go across Position 0 like the demo. I put it to Position 0 and it shows up as small text on the right side of the Menuload area.

  2. Yes, thank you!! you were right about the modules.

    It’s such a great template, but now i’m having another problem: the main menu in the menuload posision is not dropdowning when the mouse is over the menu item.

    The menu becomes drop down only if i click on the item that has more sub-items.

    It would be great if you could help me again..!

    Best regards!!

  3. Hi,

    I have the same problem.. I set the positions OK but the main menu is show as little text on the right ? And not as the preview ?

  4. Aman Arora, in the “slideshow” folder of the template there are some images called 1.jpg, 2.jpg… you have to put your own images there, with that names.

    Then, you go to the template manager and open the template configuration: on the right youcan enter the description text of each image, and a url if you want to.

    I’m having trouble with the submenu items. This is the web: http://proyectosjosan.es/joomla/. “Actuaciones” menu item has subitems, but they only show when I’m in the article actuaciones is pointed to. Any idea of what I’m missing?

  5. Great template, very easy to learn to use. Had some minor issues cause I like to jump right in and didn’t read the provided info, but all’s good. Sure wish some of these people would learn to spell and read before complaining

  6. I am having trouble getting the template to show up. When I load the template in Admin and then go to the front end of the website, the following error message appears:

    You may not be able to visit this page because of:
    1. an out-of-date bookmark/favourite
    2. a search engine that has an out-of-date listing for this site
    3. a mistyped address
    4. you have no access to this page
    5. The requested resource was not found.
    6. An error has occurred while processing your request.
    How do I solve this problem, please? I am a new user to website development.

  7. Hey Admin. I get error:
    Notice: Undefined property: ContentViewFeatured::$print in C:\wamp\www\templates\jlaptop-tg\html\com_content\featured\default_item.php on line 67

    Is show ups above featured article at my frontpage.

    Template Name: Business Lines

    Not so good :-(. Please help me.


  8. Hi,

    I also have difficulties to expand submenus from top menu – there are more comments like mine here – could you tell us where is the problem? than you in andvance


  9. Hi,
    I use JCE Editor, and when I make a table (1 row, 2 columns) and I put a picture in the right, and text in the left.
    When I publish it, I get the image on the right (as planned), but the text is not next to the image, but diagonal to the image. I have tried everything, and I can’t get the text next to the image. I’ve never had this problem with any other website or template before. Hope you can help.

  10. Thank you for a great site.

    How did you guys change the logo.

    Also where are the “folders” you guys keep taking about.

    How do I find the template our line.

    Thank you again!

  11. I understand the folders and image folder, but I do not know how to change the logo.

    PLease explain in detail.

    Thak you again for this great template

  12. I put my logo into the image folder and uploaded the template again. This did not work.

    PLease let mekn ow how to chenge the logo. What do I do once the log is in the folder?

    Thank you.

  13. Hi,

    How can I configure to display the slideshow in every page? Currently te slideshow only show on my Home Page.

    Thank you

  14. Thank you.

    I changed the logo by doing a module in putting it in the logo position and that worked.

    I do not understand how to change the photos in the slide show. I do not know what you mean by change them in the folder? Do you mean change them in the folder and then upload the template again?

    I hope someone can help me I am alomost done

    Thank you.

  15. Unfortunately, the layout for frontend editing (per Example editing an article) is not useful. The button for inserting a readmore line is working, the buttons for inserting a picture or a pagebreak not. Do you have any advices for that?

    Thank you

  16. Hello FJT,

    Thank you so much for developing some excellent templates.

    I’ve got here with a request: would you please permit me to remove the copyright text from website I’m going to develop?

    I’d really appreciate your help.


  17. In serious need of help:
    How do you display the slideshow in other pages other than just the front page?

    Immediate help will be very much appreciated…

  18. For those having problem on how to change the picture of the slideshow.You have to replace the images in the businesslines-fjt/slideshow folder.Name your picture as 1.jpg,2.jpg… like in the folder.If you want to add more picture in the slideshow.You need to edit the file Nivooslider.js in the folder businesslines-fjt/slideshow.Change the count 4 to 5 (you can put any number),Then save.After that,Go to your admin page and to the templates manager and select the template tab and click the template and click the “Edit main page template” after that you put this code

    $slidedesc5 = “Your discription”;
    $url5 = “slideshow/5.jpg”

    below the

    $slidedesc4 = $this->params->get(“slidedesc4”);
    $url4 = $this->params->get(“url4”)

    You can add for more variable if you want to.Then add this code also


    and this code also

    <a href="params->get( ‘url5’ )) : ?>”>
    <img src="baseurl ?>/templates/template ?>/slideshow/5.jpg” title=”params->get( ‘slidedesc5’ )) : ?>” height=”250″ width=”500″ />


    <a href="params->get( ‘url4’ )) : ?>”>
    <img src="baseurl ?>/templates/template ?>/slideshow/4.jpg” title=”params->get( ‘slidedesc4’ )) : ?>” height=”250″ width=”500″ />

    then save

    If you have questions.you can email me at clintlagang@yahoo.com.Btw thanks for the nice templates FJT.Love it 🙂

  19. “You can add for more variable if you want to.Then add this code also


    and this code also”

    For the missing code

    this code



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