Best Free Blogger Templates

There is no doubt that blogger is one of the best platforms that you can use for blogging purposes. If you are looking to create some of the best blog sites in any category that you like, then you can make use of the following free blogger templates 2015 to create user friendly and attractive blogging sites.

1. Max Blog

free blogger templates

This is a unique, beautiful and easy to use blogger template that allows you to create some of the most astonishing looking blog sites very easily. It offers a professional news theme that can be made to good use by experienced designers.

2. Power Game

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If you want to create a gaming, entertainment and news blog content, then you should try out the Power Game responsive blogger template. It offers great features to design attractive looking gaming blogs.

3. Journey

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If you are passionate about traveling and love to share your traveling experience through a blog, then you can create a travel journal blog easily using the journey blogger template.

4. Simplify

As the name suggests, this blogger template is an ideal one for those who love to create simple, yet attractive personal or music or photography blogs.

5. Karma

This is a free landing page blogger template that you can use as an experienced designer to create mind blowing blogs that are attractive, modern looking and advanced. There are a lot of features offered in the Karma blogger template.

6. Montric

If you are looking to come up with a modern looking and sexy magazine blog, then the Montric magazine blogger template is a perfect one with flat designs and clean cut elements.

7. Magzon

If you are looking for a blogger template that will make designing a news or magazine or lifestyle blogging site, then Magzon is the best one for you. It is a blogger template that can be easily arranged to suit various uses.

8. Brand Mag UX

This is a fully responsive, modern -day blogger template that is built using latest technologies like CSS3 and HTML5. You can customize this template to suit your blog’s design needs. It can be used for creating magazines, personal blog, product blog and for portfolios.

9. Movieism

This blogger template is an ideal option for those who like to create a movie or film blogs, movie production blogs, movie community blogs or cinema blogs.

10. Dribble

If you are looking for a neat, clean, modern, personal and professional blogger template to write stories or your personal diaries, then Dribble template is an ideal choice.

11. Food Mag

If you are a foodie who loves to cook food and share details about food on the internet, then you can make use of the Food Mag blogger template to tell what you want to say about food. It is a perfect tool for professional chefs, budding chefs, housewives with passion for cooking and cooking experts to share their recipes to the outside world.

12. Arcade Mag

Arcade Mag is the best modern day responsive blogger template you can make use of to run a successful game blog online. You have the option to offer free games, blog about the games and also add high quality graphics content to attract visitors.

13. Social Magazine

If you are looking for a user friendly and modern user interface that offers you easy tools to create social media blog sites, then Social Magazine blogger template is a very good option to use to design your blog site. There is extra importance given to the social media network in this template.

14. Fabulous

A blogger template that is ideal for photographers and photography enthusiasts to display their present and past work collections to the internet world is the Fabulous template. This modern day high responsive blogger template is a must use one for everyone who loves to show off their photography skills.

15. Perfect Mag

If you want to create a perfect news or magazine site for the internet that looks sleek and classy, then you need to make use of the Perfect Mag blogger template. It is a simple template that helps in attracting visitors to your blog site with clean SEO practices.

16. Betacommerce

If you want to create an ecommerce blog site that offers information about the products you like to sell and also helps you in offering a user friendly shopping site, then you should make use of the Betacommerce blogger template.

17. Xmax

A high quality and modern day blogger template that you can use to show off the apps that you have developed for Apple phones or Android phones is the Xmax.

18. Techify

If you are a techie who likes to share technology information to internet users, then the Techify blogger template will help you design a cool and trendy blog. This template can be used to design any mobile friendly sites or photography, movie or gallery sites.

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