20 Free Responsive Jquery Image Sliders

Web designing and web development can be made easy with the help of image sliders. The jQuery image sliders help to manage the photos, screenshots and other images on your website in a better way. Some of these sliders provide fade –in and fade –out effect, transition effect and also provides a thumbnail view of the gallery. So if you want to provide your customers with an optimized browser or mobile viewing, you can opt for downloading the free responsive jQuery image sliders to create a website design of your choice.

1. Blueberry

jquery image sloders

This is a basic image slider which can display the images in fade-in and fadeout mode. This jQuery image slider is especially made for creating responsive web designs by Mark Tyrrell.

2. Jssor jQuery Slider

free image slider

This is a fully functional, responsive jQuery slider and offers good performance. This is an open source plugin and has limitless opportunities to offer to the user. It gives more than 15 slider option and touch support.

3. jQuery Vertical Slider

responsive jquery slide

This is a responsive slider higly useful for websites that are news based and have automated slides on the left side and the display of images made on the right. This slider offers vertical switching of news and gives perfect head options.

4. Hislider For Image Gallery

This free slider plugin is suitable for personal use when you want to create a fancy image gallery. You don’t have to do any coding and can be used in multiple platforms. It offers different templates and skins for image display.

5. Nivo Slider

This free jQuery plugin can make your website look stunning. You will find managing images easy with this plugin. It offers automatic image cropping and flexible image setup options.

6. Full Width Image Slider

This 100 % width jQuery slider allows scaling down for smaller screens like that of mobile phones. It works using CSS transitions and the image gets wrapped by an anchor.

7. Elastic Slider

This slider with a fluid content will adjust the height and width according to the size of the parent image. Content will be present in the sliding area and navigation tab is provided at the bottom.

8. Wmu Slider

This is a lightweight slider which provides a transition of slides and it can return to the first image once the person viewing the slide show reaches the end.

9. Blueprint-Full Width Slider

This is a fully responsive slider which allows the display of full-width image. You will be able to showcase the featured services in your website using this.

10. Pgw Slider

If you want to display the images with good fade effect in your webpage, then opt for Pgw slider. You can even set the captions at the bottom of the slide using this open source project.

11. Code

If you are looking to provide simple sliding of images, you can use code responsive image slider. It uses css3 slider plug-ins to create animations and special effects.

12. Sweet Thumbnails

You will able to set the images in thumbnails using this slider. This allows easier image navigation and thumbnail preview to the users.

13. Cute Slider

If you want to add 2D and 3D effects to the images in your website cute slider is the best option. This free image slider gives best customizable options. It comes with 5 templates and allows more than 100 transitions.

14. A-Slider With Audio Support

You will be able to slide images as well as the contents using this responsive slider. You can add audio to each slide as the slider gives audio support. You can get the freed download and can make a difference to your site.

15. Unislider

If you do not require any fancy effects for your website you can use the tiny unislider. You will be able to use any HTML for your slides and can extend it using CSS.

16. Camera

This free jQuery slider comes with many effects, adaptive layout and is customizable according to your need. You add captions and videos and will be able to use 33 icon colors.

17. Popeye 2.1

This is a tiny slider with standard options. This gives enough visibility and caption support. It offers easy slide show

18. Sequence

This jQuery responsive slider comes with latest CSS3 transitions and horizontal parallax sliding. It is cross-browser compatible and offers touch support.

19. Flux slider

This is a slider which is compatible with zepto.js and jQuery. It supports 2D as well as 3D transitions and all the devices and major browsers that support CSS3 plugins. This slider supports 6 options and 7 methods. Your viewers can navigate easily through the images using this.

20. WOW slider

This is a highly responsive slider which is search engine friendly and gives touch as well as swipe support. The important feature includes killer effects and beautiful skins and CSS fallback.

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